4 November 2011

Good news (FANTASTICAL news) and bad news (DEVASTATING news)

Okay. Bad news is always first so people can be all happy and stuff and think of the good news rather than the bad news..
BAD (Devastating) news is I got rejected for Hallowed (Unearthly #2) by Cynthia Hand on Netgalley *cries*. I need this book. I'm going to buy the hardcopy regardless but good god, I have to wait a whole 3 months :(. If you haven't read Unearthly yet, I urge you to (read my review first) go out and buy it immediately.

Now for the GOOD (Fantastical) news that I found out the same time I checked my email...

Oh god. Honestly, I am completely speechless, this is completely and utterly beautiful. I checked out Kiersten's blog straight after I read my rejection email *cries* and let's just say this put a huge smile on my dial... AND IT IS RELEASED ON JULY 24TH *jumps for joy and maybe dances a little bit* AHHH! I'm going to be staring for a while....


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the rejected e-mail. There are always more than one chance! Don't feel sad. It is ok. Lots of bloggers receive rejected e-mails. Maybe you won't revive this book, but it doesn't mean you won't receive other books. Cheers!! This is my first time here. I like your bloc's background color. It's nice to visit.

    Choose one paperback (have to be YA book) and then enter the name of the title and the author. I will send it to you ok? Let me know.


  2. Nooooo! Sucks you got rejected for Hallowed :( But... but.... 3 months will hopefully zoom by! (kinda hope not though, not too keen on the Apocalyptic 2012 starting just yet).

    I LOOOVE the cover of Endlessly!! Amazingly gorgeous <3 So so so so excited to read it. But ugh. July? Seriously? So long away!

  3. I've got a request in for Hallowed, I did receive Unearthly from them so I'm just hoping I get a YES email. I'll be devastated too if I get a decline :(

    And the cover of Endlessly is gorgeous!

  4. Sad to hear that you were rejected for Hallowed :( I really need to read Unearthly! and Kiersten White's series! That cover is gorgeous.

    Amy @ Following The Reader


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