27 December 2011

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11) by Charlaine Harris

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11) by Charlaine Harris
Release Date: May 28th 2011
Publisher: Gollancz
Add it: Goodreads
Overall: ♥ 1/2

PLEASE NOTE: This series is hard evidence that I can not stop reading a series once I've started!! :)

Here's a dot point review, just because I can't be bothered going into a hell of a lot of detail.

Things I enjoyed:

- Eric and Pam when they were actually around
- How nice Bill was in this
- When Sookie got chased and ended up naked (HAHA!)
- I've always loved the way Charlaine Harris writes fighting (or battle scenes), I love -READING ABOUT- blood and gore to an extent and these books do it for me perfectly.
- But the next instant, Akiro managed to cut Thalia's arm off. Thalia grabbed it as it fell and hit Akiro with it HAHAHA! Whilst I was getting all into the battle and whatnot, this makes me laugh out loud!
- I'm SO GLAD that Sookie didn't spend entire paragraphs describing her tragic fashion sense "I put on a yellow mini dress with tiny red and blue flowers all over it, then put on matching yellow earrings, a red bangle and red shoes to match - I kept it to the bare minimum"
This isn't an exact quote but this is basically how the majority of the books go when it comes to describing appearances. Plus Sookie's fashion sense is horrendous *shudders*
- It still had it's gems that made me laugh, such as.... "Those weren't my kittens," he told me, and Eric gaped."
- I felt so horrible and sad for Pam and Miriam
- Learning more history about Sookie's family was interesting, although I prefer the vampires to the fairies so far in this series - they're more badass :)

Things I didn't enjoy:

- Not enough Eric and Pam
- Too much Christian preaching
- Whilst I hate Sandra Pelt, I wish we saw more of her in this instead of hearing about her - she is just too psycho to not enjoy as a character.
- The stupid inner dialogue from Sookie continues, "There was a pause that might be called "pregnant."
- It's established fairly early in as to who did all the nasty stuff to Sookie BY A CONFESSION TO THE PUB. Then Sookie says "I'm sure she hired the guys who came to the bar last Saturday. And I'm also sure she's the one who threw the firebomb at Merlotte's before that" Really Sookie, really? You didn't get the memo when Sandra Pelt walked into the bar screaming at the top of her lungs "YOU SURVIVED WHEN I BOMBED THE BAR AND THOSE TWO GUYS I SENT TO KILL YOU DIDN'T SUCCEED EITHER". :|.
- I want more Eric and Pam (wait, did I already say that)

Things I hope happen/am speculating:

- Claude will go all evil fairy on Sookie
- Hunter will be kidnapped at some stage
- Jason will not make a huge appearance for a long time
- Bill and Sookie will get back together/hook up
- Eric will still be Eric <3
- Pam will still be Pam just with a child <3

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  1. I haven't read any book in the Sookie Stackhouse series yet! :( But I've heard so many great things about this series, I'll try to catch up. :)

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books


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