7 February 2012

Fury by Shirley Marr

Fury by Shirley Marr
Release Date: May 1st 2010
Publisher: Black Dog Books
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Overall: ♥ 1/2

It took me a lot of grief to get this book. I ordered it, then was told they couldn't get it in, then the lovely Amy figured out there were TWO copies in the entire city, so I snagged the one that was closest to where I lived and she tried to (she still doesn't have it, as of yet. I weep for her!). My Aunty was kind enough to give this to me as a belated Christmas present so when I finally got back to see my Aunty, I received it, was delighted and then started it the next morning.

That was probably completely unnecessary, but I waited at least 2 months for this little beauty to get in my hands :)

ANYWAYYYYY. The title "Fury" is incredibly fitting for this novel. Eliza Boans finds herself in questioning for murder. We know right off the bat what she did, but Shirley Marr has weaved a wonderful and complex story as to how and why it happened, and to who.

When I first started reading, I hated Eliza - she was one of those girls at school who everyone hated because they were just a plain ole' bitch. At first it seems there is nothing to like about her, she is a spoilt, rich brat who gotten everything she's ever wanted - almost. The first standout characteristic about Eliza is that she knows she's a spoilt brat, she knows she isn't a nice person. As the novel progresses, you really learn how complex she is.. Eliza is not one of those cardboard heroines who are all "oh my, I hate cheerleaders cos one bumped into me accidently on purpose therefore she is enemy number one". Marr has written an incredible character with so much depth it blew me away. As I grew up in Western Australia, and I'm uh, a girl, I know how girls here work. I loved how Eliza thought, I loved the relationship with her friends - it was so REAL. I loved that they could want to kill eachother (har har) over something little like beauty, teachers, boys or just because one said something in the wrong tone but they were so protective and would instantly defend the other if somebody offended them in any way. I can relate to this-the fury I felt if somebody hurt my best friend in any way was incredible because realistically, no matter how much girls bitch at eachother about stupid things, we stick together.

Shirley Marr's writing was awesome - it was funny, clever and just flowed. I loved the litte quirks and elements she added into the novel and I loved that it's set in Perth :) (I could tell with the mention of King st and kerbside collection, which was awesome by the way and the mention of TEE) Ohhhh! On a personal note, the mention of TEE drove me nuts because I just sat there reflecting on how I could've gotten a better mark and what I could have done different! Aahaha!

As for the characters-I loved them. I loved that Eliza was the type of girl who didn't back down and didn't want anybody's pity. She was sneaky and somewhat manipulative to get what she wanted and she knew it. And how I loved Lexi, I want her to have to own damn book because I loved her that much. She made me cry and made my heart drop for her. As for Marianne, I didn't find her lovable as such, but I loved her because she was such a devillish goody-two-shoes (so to speak?). Ella, I wanted to punch from the moment she was mentioned. I am so with Marianne on this one.

Fury was gripping, refreshing and exciting and seriously guys, I know it's hard to get a hold of, but it's SO worth it :)
-Put it this way, I've been in a little reading rut lately because of stress and life in general and I finished this in a DAY. First book I've finished in a day in a long time. Thankyou Shirley-Wurly for writing such a wonderful, bitchin novel.


  1. Sounds like a great book I really can't wait! Great review :)

  2. I've been dying to read this ever since I read Wendy D.'s review, Taneika. And it's killing me that it's not available via Book Depository yet. I'm really considering begging my friend from Aus for this and I will pay for everything just to get my grubby little hands on this book.

  3. I am so excited that you loved this--yay! And wow, I can't believe you Aussies have to go through so much trouble to get this book, too. But at least it was worth the wait. :)


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  4. Oh, good, finally. I haven't seen a lot of reviews for this one and I didn't know what to do, but you review convinced me to buy the book!

    P.S. Could you please comment on this post: http://inabookshelf.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/youll-get-infected/

    It would mean a lot to me. Thanks!

  5. Why's this so hard to get hold of? It sounds like it was worth the wait! There is a blog tag thing going round at the moment and I've tagged you. Hop over to Small Blonde Hippy to join in!

  6. This sounds delightful..love your Auntie!

  7. Waaaait... Fury is set in Perth? THIS IS AWESOME!

    Eeee! Tanieka, this sounds amazing! I'm so SOOOO glad you enjoyed it, and I so get what you mean about reading ruts. That you flew through it in a day in the middle of a rut? High praise.

    I actally really like the sound of Eliza! She sounds eeeeeevil, and I LOVE that XD

    fabulous review, as always! ♥♥♥

  8. Hey you have been book tagged by me!
    Chaeck it out here!



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