23 April 2012

Fated by Sarah Alderson

Fated by Sarah Alderson
Release Date: January 5th 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
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What can I say? After reading Hunting Lila and absolutely falling in love with Sarah Alderson (and Alex, of course *stares into space*), I could not wait to read Fated! Guys, it doesn't disappoint!

Evie is a 17 year old waitress who is just trying to earn as much money as possible so she can get out of her town and move to New York. Lucas (is really, really hot... *ahem*) is a half human, half Unhuman Shadow Warrior who would like nothing more than revenge on Hunters - Hunters killed his family. Evie Tremain finds out she is the last in a long line of demon slayers known as Hunters after being attacked in the alley behind her work by a demon who's tail can cut human flesh as easily as cutting through butter and a demon who's skin is green and deadly.

Evie is such a refreshing main character! She is just... I can't even describe it... You know how a lot of heroines in YA sort of have the same type of personality or voice? Well, Evie is just completely different! She is tough, angry and doesn't take things at face value. EVER. She questions everything but she asks the right questions! Evie has some major trust issues, but with good reason. However, she learns so much and grows throughout the novel, I ended up getting rather attached to her due to her outlook on life and I loved how she made choices for herself rather than for somebody else (I know so many people like that in real life, it drives me nuts)

Lucas... Oh, you *may* give Alex a run for his money... (But Alex is still my #1 tied with Etienne St. Clair) Oh. Wow. Oops, now I'm daydreaming. Anywayyy! Lucas, whilst not on par with the previously named sexiness, he is still pretty darn close. Sarah Alderson has a talent for creating incredibly hot characters. At first, Lucas seems just like a pretty face, but as this is told in third person (YAY!) dual-narrative, we get to know him so well and we follow his heartbreaking backstory with him. Lucas also grows immensely as a character, we get to learn how love can change somebody in such a dramatic way, and whether this is perceived as a positive or a negative thing.

I adored the world building in Fated. It gave youa little taste about the different types of demons and their world whilst leaving room for more detail in the books to come. The different types of demons were fascinating and I loved all of their relationships with one another. It was almost as if you were reading about one big family! As for the world building of the Hunters. Oh my. That was incredible! I loved learning about Evie's family history and the history of Hunters, I loved reading the Evie's book along with her and I adored the little twists and turns every now and then.

Fated is a well-written, fast-paced, funny and deep book that will keep you on your toes. If you loved Hunting Lila, you'll love this one as well :) Sarah Alderson has done it again! You magnificant woman, you! THANKYOU!


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am so so glad you liked it!! I loved it!! Fated is so so good and great and amazing and exciting and LUCAS OMG I fell in love with him too!! <3 <3

    Great great review Taneika!! :) ;) <3

  2. Evie is really awesome I love her! I'm happy you read this! Sarah is great and I'm super excited for Losing Lila!

  3. AAAH! I swear EVERYONE is in love with Sarah Alderson!!! And I STILL haven't read her yet! I ordered Hunting Lilah from the Book Depository, but I still haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Maybe once finals are over...

  4. WHOA. You like Alex THAT MUCH? Dude... nothing can compare with that.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEE! HOW GOOD IS FATED? Sooooo glad you loved it, and what you said about Evie! YES! She's... she's amazing, unique, and genuinely her own person, with her own voice. She never sounds like the sarcasm or crankiness is forced, and wow. JUST WOW. She's amazing. So glad you loved :)

    1. Yes, yes I do like Alex that much! Honestly, those two boys are the hottest things in YA and oh. Wow. I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY. Could you imagine if they merged together and made... ETIENNE ST. ALEX? hahahah Ohhhh I don't know!
      Yes, I love Evie :) She was so unique and quirky :)

  5. YAY!!!! Taneika the Alderson Fangirl! I mean, you obviously were before, having loved Lila, but this just seals the deal :D Her writing is just so damn ADDICTIVE! You can't pull away and the characters... oh hi boys :D

    I so agree with EVERYTHING you mentioned, especially how Lucas grows throughout the book, I loved watching that unfold. And getting a peek into both sides with the dual narrative. I am super excited to see where Sarah takes the story next. Brilliant review! <3


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