10 September 2011

E-Readers vs. Paperbacks?

E-books and e-readers is apparently the way of reading today. I know a few people who have one, my stepmum and my aunty are examples and whilst they love reading on their e-reader or iPad, they still read paperbacks and have their favourites in hardback or paperback but I haven’t been able to figure out what the big deal with e-books are so I’ve decided to do a rant about it! (Naturally).

Okay, so from what I’ve heard, e-books and using an e-reader of some sort basically gives you the benefit of buying books for less (Classics are free and newer ones start from around $9) which is always a bonus as if you don’t have a library membership because you’re constantly moving around (like me), you have to buy books and this can tend to get a bit expensive especially if the book you bought won’t be read again. Another benefit I’ve gathered of having an e-reader is space. Obviously because you don’t have books taking up room in your bookshelf (kind of ironic?) you have space for other things apart from books, I can definitely see the advantage of this as moving into a new house with boxes full of paperback/hardback books is difficult! Also, I love reading on public transport and it can get a bit difficult to fit a book (especially if it’s a nice big one like Order of the Phoenix or The Passage) into a handbag which doubles as storage for uni books.

The thing that has prevented me from reading e-books so far is the fact I don’t have an e-reader so using my laptop, I can’t curl up in bed or on the couch reading a book, you don’t get the satisfaction of “OMG 100 pages to go!” and plus reading on a laptop is frustrating no matter how good the book is. I love gazing at the cover of a book, l love bookmarks, I love simply turning the page, I love how the spine bends and crinkles from use and I love the fact you can easily go back a few pages if you want to clarify or check something (which I tend to do a bit).

Anyway, I’m getting an e-reader from my stepmum and dad :) and so I just thought I’d have a good think about what I’ll miss about a paperback book and what I won’t get reading with an e-reader. Although if I really love a book I'll buy it and make my bookshelf look pretty.

What are your thoughts on it? Do you prefers E-readers or paperbacks?

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  1. Oooh!! Ok Here I go! (I am said Aunty!!) I have recently gotten an ipad, for the purposes of games, browsing and … yes.. reading!! My first eBook was Now and Then by Greg Page (the yellow wiggle).

    I loved reading on the ipad! loved it, just a flick of your finger and the page turns as if it is a real book, if you have the volume up it sounds like a real book! A little red bookmark in the top corner lets me bookmark my page! as a bonus…if I go out and have a moment to read a few more pages and I don’t have the ipad on me….i just get out my iphone and open my book and it is automatically synced to the page i was up to! so I can read a few pages out and about! AWESOME!!

    It is not as heavy to hold as many of the larger books that I have, and I tend to get tired arms after a while and if you are stuck in the middle of a series of 600 odd page books that you can’t put down you could eventually do yourself an injury!! You can adjust the back light to suit, so no more keeping hubby awake while reading with the bedside light on! Don’t mention book lights as they just don’t give out enough light!! If you need a larger font – you just adjust it! to suit your needs.

    If you want to go back a couple pages, its just the same as a book! Flip back a couple. If you don’t know the meaning of a word you just tap it and the meaning comes up! if you want to highlight something you just tap it and highlight the word, phrase, sentence or paragraph – whatever and you can easily locate it later.

    I have several books that are paperbacks and hardcovers in my huge bookshelf and I am not about to get rid of them and I will reread them all eventually, but I just love the ease of using an eReader and the space saving aspect and the slightly cheaper books!! I will probably buy most of my newer series on the ipad now. The odd books I buy for my husband will be traditional as he tends to fall asleep while reading and drops his books! While he probably won’t lose his page! He most definitely will end up braking my ipad! That is the only downfall I can find!!

    That’s my 2 cents worth!!



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