10 September 2011

Hello Little Snail... by Dorothy Race

Hello Little Snail... by Dorothy Race
Release Date: 2008
Publisher: Mousetec Publications
Add it: Goodreads

So I may be a just a tad biased with this book as my Aunty Dorothy wrote it :) I just wanted to put this up here because I really think it’s an amazing children’s book and is basically about a snail being bullied by Mr. Gardener. Mr. Gardener thinks it’s fine to bully and taunt snail and other small garden insects and tells little snail to pull out all the weeds in his garden before sundown otherwise he will be crushed with Mr. Gardener’s big boot! All the neighbourhood children and other garden creatures help little snail to make Mr. Gardener see the errors of his ways! I love this book because the whole thing is in rhyme and just flows amazingly, it’s not a children’s book which has like five words on each page, it’s actually well written and keeps the reader interested. This is a book that children will love and plus the pictures are wayyy cute!

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