10 September 2011

Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell

Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell
Release Date: August 12th 1996 
Publisher: Warner Books 
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I’m not a huge fan of bitch-lit, chick-lit, whatever you’d like to call it, however, I have almost always felt okay after reading. The exception to that is this book, I was simply disappointed. As you will discover, although I appreciate movies and appreciate the fact that creating a movie or TV show is a completely different art to a book, I still prefer reading the book over the TV show/movie. But this is the first exception I’ve come across. I LOVE the television show, it’s funny, witty, the characters are somewhat likeable, if not loveable. But the book? I honestly have NO idea how the TV show can be SO good when the book is quite literally the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. This book is a collection of Ms Bushnell’s columns – HOW  these made it as columns let alone into a book is beyond me. They don’t even pass as short stories. I really do applaud the creators of the show as I have no idea how they can read this and think “oh wow, let’s turn this into a witty, amazing television show that has characters the viewers will actually like”.

I really apologise if this review is really nasty, but it took me ages to read, I just had no interest whatsoever, every book, no matter what I thought of it, has been able to reel me in the story within the first few pages but this? No. Just no. I couldn’t. I put it down, attempted to read it and then finally read it and I don’t know why I bothered. This is just fluff and I was expecting all four girls from the show to be characters in this book but apparently Charlotte was made for the TV show – I love Charlotte! Also, the characters in this book just astound me. They are so … oh I don’t the word so I’ll make one up. Tryhardish? They are trying to be young again by doing copious amounts of drugs and hitting the hottest clubs and whatnot.

Overall, in this case WATCH THE SHOW! DON’T bother reading this book if you can even call it that, I’d rather use it as kindling.

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