10 September 2011

Play, Little Victims by Kenneth Cook

Play, Little Victims by Kenneth Cook
Release Date: June 28th 1978
Publisher: Pergamon
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This little gem was lent to me by my Aunty and quite frankly, I was scared to touch it because being 30 years old and in four pieces, I know how precious this book is for my Aunty!
This book is relatively unknown, however it's a quick but excellent read.

Two mice named Adamus and Evemus survive the end of the world and decide that they are going to take the matter of repopulation in their own hands and they have babies, lots and lots and lots of babies. Before they know it, there is an overpopulation problem so Adamus forms a governing body to try and control the population and birth/death rates with the Word of Man to guide them, this being, the bible and 4,268 editions of the New York Times/

The mice introduce everything from wars to abortion and even alcohol and cigerettes in order stunt the population growth.by using the bible and copies of the New York Times as "the word of man" and as a guide to the way of living. Finally, on the last page, Adamus reveals a shocking solution which is pretty horrifying but is done in a fairly subtle way.

I love this little book as it is such a quick read and once you finish it, it really gets you thinking of what we as humans are capable of and the danger we constantly threaten ourselves with. I love this because it varied from laugh out loud funny to morbid.

I really with this book gained the attention it deserves! Yes, it's old but so are books like Remember Me, but honestly, whilst this isn't a young adult book, I think it would do an excellent job if reprinted and sold internationally. But, unfortunately it isn't really heard of outside of Australia! But... just for the sake of it, buy it on Amazon or AbeBooks, but look for it elsewhere because at the moment there are only a few copies left on each website :)

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  1. I was in Year 9 at High School when I came across this book in the library! I read it a few times!! I absolutely LOVED it!! Many years later I happened to think of it and decided to get it from the library for another read but to my dismay I couldn't get it anywhere! they couldn't even order it in for me. Then began the ebay search, but that came up with nothing also! I gave up for another several years and then it popped in my head again so I looked once more and finally found it on ebay for $3!!!! (I would of paid much more!!!) I gave it to my 11 year old to read as it really suited his humor and he enjoyed it thoroughly!

    Yes this book is in several pieces - I keep meaning to take it to get spiral bound - but it is treasured! I am glad you enjoyed it Tinny!!

    Oh - I am 'said' aunty again!! lol


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