10 September 2011

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Supernaturally by Kiersten White 
Release Date: July 26th 2011
Publisher: Harper Teen
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Okay, so after my sparkling review for Paranormalcy just gushing about how much I loved it, unfortunately I’m doing it again.

The first book in a series is normally 100% better than the second one (eg. Hush Hush – Crescendo, Twilight – New Moon etc) this is generally known as “middle book complex”, the first book, Paranormalcy was incredible, I loved the characters, the complexity of the story, the pace, the writing, the fact there were no cliche stuffy annoying love triangles and no pain-in-the-ass “heroine” who in reality is just brainless and completely in lurrrvvvvvve with the guy cos he’s freaking hot or some shit like that, (though admittedly, I do like those books…). MOVING ON….!  Well, I expected for Supernaturally to have middle book complex and I was fully prepared to take that into account considering I love alot of series where the second book is not the best thing I’ve read. Boy oh boy was I wrong! I don’t know how Ms. White has done it, the second installment in this series was, in my opinion, as brilliant as the first. In Supernaturally, Evie has escaped from IPCA and has everything she’s ever dreamed of, a normal life, attending high school and a locker. But Evie quickly realises that being normal is pretty darn boring, and spends her time looking at clouds and then finds herself kidnapped by one. Wait, WHAT? Yes, Ms White has done it again, instead of sticking to the usual paranormals like vampires and werewolves, she has once again surprised me by creating a strange and fascinating array of paranormals, in particular, ‘elemental paranormals’.

Ms White knows what us YA readers want, and knows we’re fairly sick of the same tired old plot, the same love triangle blah blah blah. She even very cleverly mocks other YA paranormal books (in my opinion), for example…
“What should I be for Halloween? I can’t decide between a sexy vampire or a sexy fairy. I’ve got a whole tub of glitter body gel for either costume, if you want to be the one I’m not!”
Faeries and vampires were glittery now? Honestly.”
See what I mean? Hilarious! Instead of all that, she delivers refreshing, loveable characters, awesome plot twists and turns and ACTUAL RELATIONSHIPS – As in healthy, non-obsessive and fun. As for the pace of the whole novel, I loved it! It was perfect for me, I’d finish exactly 1-3 chapters on the way to or from uni finishing at the end of a chapter (which I know is just luck but still!). This was such as page turner, I constantly had the “It won’t take long for just one more chapter….” and it was like that for the entire novel.

Throughout the novel, Evie may seem a lot weaker than she was in the first novel as she is freaking out about seemingly little things and lying, alot of people may be disappointed with this version of Evie, but I think all of her worries and woes were totally justified and she is still the strong, independent heroine I loved in Paranormalcy.

We’re also introducted to a new character, Jack. Now I had mixed feelings about Jack but he made me laugh and I felt sympathy for him as he was raised by faeries and therefore can travel through the faerie paths! One part in particular made me embarrassingly burst out laughing on a busy train…
“Is there a reason there’s a blond boy jumping on your bed or should I kill him?”
I found Jack to be a really interesting and fun addition to the series and although I swoon over Lend, Jack was still freaking hilarious!
Supernaturally ends perfectly without the stupid cliffhanger which just leaves you wanting to slap the author for doing it, Evie still just makes you want to hug and befriend her and having no stuffy, annoying as shit love triangles.


  1. OH! Um, haha. This post answers my question on your Paranormalcy review :P YES, Jack was hilarious. I loved... 'most'... of his scenes ;)

    Haha and yes, how I adore the fact that there isn't an 'annoying as shit love triangle' here.


  2. Haha I'm so glad that you're my first commenter :) Yayy!
    Ohhh I love Kiersten White! I follow her blog hah, she is freaking hilarious! I want Endlessly NOW as well! Whyyy does it have to be so far away!


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