10 November 2011

Harry Potter: Final day for the cast

I watched this video this morning, and the lovely Brodie unknowingly reminded me to post it on my blog sometime today (I was about to, then forgot as my baby sister got upset and needed cuddling, AWW!) so watch and weep my friends!
Yeah, I cried. Seeing them cry made me cry, and I love Emma Watson - just sayin'!

DEATHLY HALLOWS PT 2 COMES OUT ON DVD NOVEMBER 16th! WOOO! Do you realise how freaking EXCITED I am? I seriously hope they have mega awesome special features including a detailed interview with Tom Felton and Helena Bonham Carter because they are awesome. But oh my gosh. My beautiful Harry Potter DVD collection will be complete!

When are you planning on buying DHp2, if at all? I know I will go uptown to "have a look" that day just to see if it's in stores, and if it isn't in stores that day, I'll go home extremely pissed and then go back the next day for "another browse"*.

*Whenever I say "browse" or "having a look" it means spend money that I shouldn't be spending,** this happens often with books and movies

**Jordon, if you read this, feel free to ignore :)

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  1. *SOBS AGAIN* Man this video makes me emotional ;( I still can't believe it's.... over. Over. OVER. That word is so painful. But SQUEEEEEEEEE So excited for the dvd!! I will hopefully be getting it on the day of release. And then coming home and having a marathon!

    Well okay, maybe I'll skip part 1 and go straight to part 2 first because I love this installment hardcore. But over the weekend... definitely a back-to-back viewing! :D


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