17 January 2012

Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

Fallen In Love (Fallen 3.5) by Lauren Kate
Release Date: January 24th 2012
Publisher: Random House
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I've done a mini-review for each story :)

*drools over cover*

Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles
Rating: 1 star

Alrighty, first things first, I don't care about Shelby and Miles at all. Throughout the series so far, I think their both rather flat and boring. Miles sounds like every other guy with no personality and Shelby sounds like every other chick with no personality.

I don't think I have to explain these stories to you - they're pretty straightforward Valentine Day stories... I was hoping that this short story would make me care about Shelby and Miles more, but unfortunately it didn't. I felt like I was reading from Luce and Daniel's perspective again and so far, the two still haven't stood apart from any of the other characters. I felt it could've had the potential as it's stated that Miles is protective about his hat and Shleby wonders whether there is any sentimental meaning behind it - this doesn't get expanded on, and I feel it would have shaped Miles' character a lot more.

As for the writing so far - it's still pretty satisfactory.
"Lucinda hadn't even noticed - that was how lost in sadness she was"

"One of his long golden-black dreadlocks came loose from its elastic and tumbled from the recesses of his helmet"

That first example is a perfect case of telling rather than showing. There wasn't any need for the "lost in sadness" part, the reader gets it - she didn't notice something she should have, so she's clearly out of it, or sad (which had been mentioned multiple times beforehand).
As for the second example, I don't even understand that :|. I read that and had to do a double-take. If anyone can tell me how you have golden-black dreadlocks, feel free :)

I must admit, one part did make me laugh - there is a cute part where Shelby goes to swap something and in order to get the item, she says that it's a mark of the devil and gets really theatrical about it. That made me laugh!!

Overall, I was unimpressed, I didn't see a build in character or personality for either and would've liked to see that *something* that seperates them from the others in the Fallen series.

Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland
Rating: 2 stars

Okay, I guess I sort of felt for Roland more, and I definitely enjoyed his story more than Shelby and Miles'. I don't have a hell of a lot to say about Roland's story because whilst I was more interested in it than the former, the writing still wasn't that great and the story was only marginally better!

HOWEVER, Roland's story helped clear up a plot hole-y type thing I picked up on in Passion. When Luce gives Daniel tattoos, why does he not have them in every other life? Turns out that angels can change their looks as they please and Daniel does it pretty much every lifetime (this may have been mentioned in Fallen or Torment but I can't remember), so yeah. I was happy about that.

Then there's the cheesy love references...
"At first, he was cautious in his ascent, but even in the creaky metal armor, he soon felt nimble again with light memories of love" AWWWW.

And we learn more about Cam, sort of. Kinda. Which was cool :)

Yeah. That's about all I have to say about this one :|

Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane
Rating: 4 stars


Firstly Arriane's true love was a woman. A woman. I couldn't get over it. I initially thought that I read it wrong and they were just friends, but it seems I've underestimated Lauren Kate and she actually had the guts to write a gay character. I am so impressed!

But you know what the saddest thing is? That I automatically assumed I read it wrong. We don't see enough gay characters in YA. Off the top of my head, I can think of Lola's parents (Dads) from Lola and the Boy Next Door, and now Arriane. And YA is my preference of genre!

I thought Kate did Arriane's love story really well and I loved that this story had so much more happen than the others, there was actual drama, action and hurt. As the story develops, I was *this* close to shedding a tear for Arriane because I felt so sorry for her.

As for the writing in this story, I thought it was definitely an improvement in comparison to the others (apart from the typos I found) and I was pleased to see another confirmation of how angel's bodies function.
"Except for their wing scars, every other ink mark or wound or scar in time would fade away"

Overall, I loved Arriane's story and I would have been extremely happy if this book just focused on her experiences.

Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda
Rating: 2 stars

This is 2 stars because I enjoy their story in general. But this was nothing new. It was the usual "I love Daniel", "If only Daniel were here..." "He had blonde hair (blah blah blah), but *insert long dramatic pause* he wasn't Daniel. *insert so called cliffhanger*.


I loved learning Arriane's background and Roland's background (but mostly Arriane's!) and it was a nice, easy read. However, I really wish I actually cared about Shelby and Miles, and I'm really hoping to see more of them in Rapture. And the excerpt of Rapture was actually pretty interesting so I can say I'm somewhat looking forward to the last installment (AND GOD. I WANT TO KNOW WHY the curse has affected them, WHAT is so great about Luce? WHY does Lucifer wanna go all psycho and stuff-apart from the fact he is Lucifer and wants to destroy the world etc etc).  

Whilst I received this from NetGalley, this has in no way affected my review

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  1. Oooooh, I'm ever so slightly jealous you have this already! But... uh... it sounds like it was kind of just OK... I really enjoy the Fallen books... but they're largely OK. Kind of... yes?

    Ooooh, Arrianne's story sounds AMAZING! I know there was speculation about something between Roland and her, but eeeeeee! I want to read this noooooow.

    1. I got it from Netgalley :) I think I requested it the day it popped up! I love the Fallen series too, they are sort of my guilty pleasure series! I'm not a huge fan of the characters but I just love the premise/story!

      Ahhhh lovelovelove Arriane's story! I wanted more! I was so disappointed when I had to read about Luce and Daniel :| haha! It is a cute read all in all :)

    2. Eeee! What you said. EXACTLY. They're kind fo a guilty pleasure... there are better books. But I enjoy them, so hey? Who cares.

      ASFHDJKGJKGHJSDFHGF! I requested on NG too. The day I saw it/it came up *sobs* WHY DON'T THEY LOVE ME?

      *cough* Done now. Promise ;)

      Hahaha! I'm seriously looking forward to this Arriane story now! Seriously!

  2. Ahhh! Arrianne was the main one I was excited about with this, so after reading your review for this, I'm kinda SUPER excited to read hers :D She's probably my favourite character in this series (Cam would be second, so I'm really intrigued to see more of him in Roland's story!). Shame the others didn't live up to Arriane's for you. But awesome review, Taneika! I'm hoping Rapture will be an epic showdown and obviously, have lots of answers!

    1. YESSS! Arriane's was my favourite! I loved her character before, but now I love her more! You don't see too much of Cam which sucks but you do get a little bit of an insight :)

      Yesss, well the epilogue and first chapter of Rapture was pretty interesting :D

  3. Oh gosh, I must read this before Rapture comes out!!! I really need to read more about each characters but my favourite is still Luce & Daneil. Hehe! Rapture, please come to me! Hahaha. Awesome review, Taneika! :)

  4. Hmmm. great review Taneikia!
    I've read Fallen, but I haven't read the rest of these books. I own them all though. A result of Lauren Kate being in town and me obsessively compulsively having to get them signed, even though I hadn't read them, lol.

  5. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!
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  6. Uh huh. I guess I've been living under a rock - because, hell - I didn't know this book was about short stories!! Doh. I really should pay more attention.

    About the serie.. I don't know. Fallen was good. I liked it. But the other 2 - didn't convinced me. Lucinda is just, well, all about "I love Daniel" and Daniel doesn't share anything.

    But, I want to know too about the curse!! And I will read Rapture, becuase I'm too interested in how things will develop. As for this one.. I guess I won't read it :P :P

    Thanks for the honest review Taneika!! :) ;)


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