11 April 2012


So I know I'm about 3 weeks behind but I have my reasons!
1. I PINKY PROMISED my stepmum (about 10 months ago before we even knew there was going to be a movie) that we'd see it together. And I live 700km away from her
2. I wanted the hype to die down a little bit before attending the cinema. (In all seriousness, I used to work at the local cinema and for Transformers 2 we had an average of 750 people a night and it isn't exactly a big cinema-so you could only imagine Hunger Games)

I knew I was going to cry because I'd cry in the trailers alone but no kidding, Kelly and I started crying THE MINUTE the movie started playing. Seriously. What is wrong with us! It was just incredible! I was so excited yet so scared due to mixed reviews. Some people told me it wasn't like the book at all or that it was boring and others (Megan <3) told me it was INCREDIBLE and really true to the book! Fortunately it was the latter! Obviously you can't expect a movie to be exactly the same as our precious books *cough* Half Blood Prince *cough*, but I was so stoked with the entire movie. I thought they did a PERFECT job! Kelly and I bought a travel pack of tissues each with us and we used them all, we even got weird looks from the people in front of us! *fistpumps*
The acting was incredible. I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence (god, she just *is* Katniss) and I already had a crush on Liam Hemsworth and now I have a crush on Josh Hutcherson and Alexander Ludwig *daydreams* *eyes glaze over*. 

Here are just a few of my favourite parts:
- The Reaping: OH GOD THE REAPING. Talk about being reduced to a blubbering mess! This scene was perfect and oh, I'm tearing up just writing about it... I'll stop now
- When Effie Trinket said, "That is MAHOGANY"
- Gale <3 hello hot Australian actor, how I love you
- When Peeta tosses Katniss the bread: I'm actually crying while writing this now.
- The bloodbath at the Cornucopia: I adored the cinematography-the camera angles, movement and overall jerkiness (or "vomitcam") really forced the viewer to experience the film to its full extent. Even the editing was awesome. It created the perfect mood!
- I also adored the cinematography and editing throughout the entire film, they used the right techniques in the right places.
- The Capitol and District 12 were perfect (although I think the Capitol should have had a more distinct accent)
- The salute to District 11: I'm crying again.

Okay. Seriously. I'm in love and I need the DVD now!

Here are some funnies for you:


  1. EEEEEEEEE! Taneika, so so SOOOO glad you loved it! Everything you loved: YES! It was fantastic, and wonderful, and uh... did you actually see it with your Stepmum??

    1. YESSSS I saw it with my stepmum :) I'm on a week-long uni break so I travelled home and saw it with her :)

  2. Aw, I'm so glad you loved it! I loved that MAHOGANY moment, too. :) Thanks for the fun links as well, I will have to check those out.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  3. Oh shoot. Gale. Didn't see *nearly* enough of him! I will now proceed to watch old "Neighbours" reruns and every movie he was ever in.


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