7 May 2012

In which I fangirl over Shirley Marr

So I'm actually in the middle of doing a uni assignment and for said assignment, I was going through newspapers, mostly the West Australian, from the past couple of weeks to find relative articles. I was looking through a newspaper from the 24th April and came across the book section and decided to have a squiz, not expecting to see any books that would capture my interest... Then I discover Shirley Marr's newest book, Preloved, has been featured! Now, I'm kinda, sorta in love with Shirley you see. Although I'm not sure if she's aware of this :S We live in the same city, she is super dooper friendly and I'm in love with her novel, Fury! (Which you can read my gushing review for here). So of course I'm excited to get my hands on Preloved!

Sorry about the dodgy photo, but incase you can't read the review it says,
"Amy Lee has got problems. She plays second fiddle to her impossibly beautiful best friend Rebecca, doesn't fit in at school and can recite the ghost warnings her Chinese mother has filled her head with since birth. So when Logan appears out of a trashy 1980's locket, Amy finally has someone who is hers - or does she? Marr is a witty, inventive writer and Preloved is full of warmth, humour and retro supernatural. Will appeal to girls who love Twilight - and especially to those who don't."
No author, published in The West Australian, 24th April 2012.

Okay, my favourite part of that review? THE LAST SENTENCE. Oh my god. I want to meet whoever wrote this review and give them a high five. That sentence is basically the reason I'm writing a blog post about this (apart from the fact that I just got excited about this being in the West). Well, that's all I wanted to tell you :) and I should probably get back to finding suitable news articles (yayyy...).

Preloved by Shirley Marr

Preloved was released on April 1st (I would've gotten it but the book-buying ban prevented that... Not anymore *cackles*) and can be purchased online from:

The Book Depository - Free shipping worldwide (Currently unavailable at this time)
The Nile - Free shipping for us Aussies :)
Fishpond - Also Free shipping for us Aussies (we're so lucky!)

So, ahem. I'm going to go finish up this assignment (and just quietly, order Preloved). <3


  1. hahaha. about time someone said the 'don't' part :D

    it is so lame how i have yet to read either of her books. i plan on getting preloved soon, though!

  2. Oh my goodness Oh my goodness Oh my goodness... that last sentence! I'ma die lauging! THANK YOU for sharing! ♥

  3. LOL!! That last line just killed me! x) Ohmygoodness, I completely second your Shirley Marr love! Shirley has to be one of the sweetest authors of all time -- she recently sent me a signed copy of Preloved along with this ridiculously random & absolutely adorable postcard of Aussie animals, and it seriously made my day! :') I think you should totally break your book buying ban for Shirley! (Isn't this cover so pretty too?)

    Thanks for sharing this adorableness, Taneika! :) <3

    1. I am definitely a Shirley Marr fangirl! :O I want Preloved! But then again, I want so many books! Hahahaha! Aww, if it's in a book haul, I'll have to go hunt that down :D
      The book ban is done *dances* I'M SO HAPPY! Although, I don't have a lot of money to buy all the books I want, I CAN STILL BUY THEM IF I WANT TO! WOOOO!
      The cover is beauiful <3
      And yes, that last line, oh god. I lost it laughing!



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