30 November 2012

Guest Post: Kate Cuthbert from Harlequin!

Now, now. I know I haven't been blogging at all lately and I haven't been reading at all either. I am working two jobs at the moment on a daily basis :( However, I start a new job with regular hours next week and better pay so I will finally have some time to myself to blog, read and do whatever I like :)
So, I'm sorry and I love you all <3 i="i" nbsp="nbsp">

Oh, and sorry for not contacting the giveaway winners yet, that's completely my fault! I will contact them soon and send the books away next week when I get paid :) 

Anyway, here on the blog today, I have Kate Cuthbert - editor at Harlequin Australia! She will be guest posting about Harlequin's new digital publishing imprint; Escape Publishing which I did a post on back in September too!

Hi Taneika! Thanks so much for inviting me along to Flipping Through the Pages today. I'm super excited to talk to you and your readers about Escape Publishing, and our newly launched titles. 

I'm Kate, and I'm the Managing Editor of Harlequin Australia's new digital-first imprint, Escape Publishing. This means that I get to read romance novels for a living. This makes me the luckiest person that has ever lived ever. Ever.

Part of my role here is to choose the titles that Escape Publishing publishes, so I'm behind our launch titles. And I love that they're now out in the world for everyone to experience.

All of our books, including our launch titles, are DRM and geographic restriction free, competitively priced, and available at the biggies (amazon, iTunes, B&N, etc) and smaller e-book retailers.

Want to know about our launch titles? Well, first, the  most important thing to know is that they are all on sale for a limited time to celebrate the launch: Christmas Wishes, Chaos Born, In Safe Hands, and Grease Monkey Jive are available for $0.99, and our erotic novella Chains of Revenge is available for free. So get thee to your download machine of choice.

The launch titles are:

Chains of Revenge by Keziah Hill is erotic, it's violent, it's got an enslaved prince and a spoiled princess, a faked death, and a triumphant return. And a delicate gold harness, designed with one purpose only – to enslave the slaver.

Chaos Born by Rebekah Turner revitalised urban fantasy for me. It's deep, it's complex, it's morally ambiguous, it's frequently and surprisingly funny, it's got a flawed heroine, it's got community, it's got a love triangle with no clear choices, it's got a militant religious order, and it's got a deep, dark, dangerous secret just waiting to be revealed.

Christmas Wishes by Rhian Cahill is a steamy and sweet holiday story about best friends realising that all they really want for Christmas is each other! It's hot, it's friends-to-lovers, it's Christmas-y, it's gorgeous!

Grease Monkey Jive by Ainslie Paton is a lovely, meaty, get-your-teeth-in, contemporary romance. It's got a ballroom dance teacher, it's got a mechanic, it's got a dance competition, $50 000, friendships, family, and the power of a little sizzle.

In Safe Hands by Lee Christine is a Sydney-set, sophisticated romantic suspense novel. It's got a highly successful lawyer, it's got a youthful indiscretion, it's got privacy breaches, and financial obligations, and it's got a gorgeous ex-SAS Commander who steps in to help

You can get more information about each of the titles and Escape Publishing itself on our website: www.escapepublishing.com.au which also has a ton of feedback mechanisms, including social media. So let us know what you think. Are we succeeding in our novel approach? How can we do better?

Thanks so much, Taneika! 

Thankyou so much Kate, great post!

Although this is a YA blog, I'm personally really looking forward to Chaos Born.... 
Are you looking forward to any of these new titles?   

 Kate (third from right) with the launch authors

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  1. Thanks Taneika for the post! <3 it :) and good luck with the new job.


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