27 September 2015

Four years blogosversary and Giveaway!

Hello lovely people!

So four years ago today, I made this blog (well, I *technically* have posts before that but I was on WordPress and the whole transfer thing was a hot mess)... Ahem. I made this blog as part of a project for uni. Little did I realise the beautiful friends (in real life and online!) or the memories it would create!

There were times (in fact about 2 years) where I wasn't exactly a present blogger. I took A LOT of time off and life got in the way, and I felt so guilty about that. But my love and drive to want to continue blogging has never stopped. I'm so happy to be back :)

If you've been here since 2011 or have just come across my blog today,


I hope you enjoy browsing and thankyou to the moon and back for reading, commenting or stopping by :)
The past 4 years have had it's very high ups, and some very low downs but I'm so very happy and proud of getting to this point at all! Book blogging introduced me to wonderful friends in real life and online and I've been able to have some amazing experiences because of it. Interacting with like-minded people, other bloggers, authors and attending signings and events have all been thanks to that one little uni project I started 4 years ago and entering the book blogging community. I'm so grateful for it all. Aaaand now I'm getting a bit emotional so I'll stop!


There is a giveaway open only to Australian residents only and another international giveaway in which anybody can enter! 

Aussies will be able to win 1 signed paperback of On the Jellicoe Road (one of my favourite books ever) and 1 paperback copy of Snow Like Ashes:) 
International entrants will be able to win $30 AUD to spend on book/s of their choice from the Book Depository as long as they ship to your country (please check here to make sure they do).

If you're lucky, you may win twice ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thankyou again, to the book blogging community and my friends made over the past four years. You wonderful, wonderful people! 


  1. Happy Anniversary Tinny. I am one of your biggest fans (as you know) I love your passion and how you have inspired and encouraged me to read more over the last few years. Introducing me to the YA Genre and wondering around book store with you is always fun :-) Keep it up, keep blogging, Hopefully we will get our own little book club going in the near future. Love you to the moon. xxxxxx

  2. Happy blogversary!!! I've been following you on Instagram for a while and I absolutely love your account there! Just wanted to say congratulations on your milestone that is four years of blogging! *confetti*

    Also, thank you for the giveaway! I seem to have entered a link to a tweet on the entry meant for my Twitter username. It's still @gracedcastellan, though, the same account I used for the tweet link :D

  3. Happy Blogoversary!!! thank you for your love of books and for spreading your enthousiasm
    thank you also for the generous giveaway!

  4. Happy 4th blogoversary, Taneika! So glad to have you back blogging and sharing your love of books. I always enjoy stopping by and reading your reviews, whether they make you rant or rave ;) So great to have gotten to know and meet you these past few years! Wishing you many more blogging years to come <3

  5. Happy fourth blogoversary and wishing you many more to come! It's been so great getting to know and meet you over the years. One of my favourites things about blogging is definitely the friends and people you meet :) Always love stopping by and reading your reviews, whether they make you rave or rant ;) So glad you're back and here to celebrate 4 years! My blogoversary was a couple months back and it just made me remember when we both new bloggers and how we got chatting online. Memories <3

    1. I thought Blogger ate my comment so I left you another one. Here's to 3 comments in 10 minutes, ha! ;)

  6. Hi there:) congratulations on your four year anniversary. I can't believe it's been so long! You are one of my favourite book bloggers(I have your post notifications turned on) and I think your feed is awesome. Congratulations again

  7. Happy Blogoversary Taneika <3

  8. Happy blogoversary! New follower :)

  9. Anyone who includes On the Jellicoe Road as one of their favourite books is one of my favourite people :) Congratulations on 4 years of bookishness!

  10. Congratulations on your blogoversary :) and thank you for this awesome giveaway

  11. Hi Taneika! I'm Avy from NSW, Australia. Congratulations on your anniversary, and thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  12. congratulations on your blogging success!

  13. Congrats Taneika! I love reading your posts :)


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