10 September 2011


Yes. I am aware I’m posting alot of blogs in a short space of time, sorry! I just feel like it at the moment and plus, I have to write book related content for the assignment.

Anywho… Harry Potter. I hear that name and just get really giddy and happy. Obviously I’m one of those people who’s “childhood is over” but in all honesty, it’s true!  After seeing Deathly Hallows part two in cinema about a month ago, I cried. I just can’t believe it’s over and *spoiler alert* the scene where Snape dies, although completely different to the book – AMAZING! I must say I barely stopped crying for the entire movie although I nearly wet myself laughing when Voldemort hugged Draco (what?).

In comparison to the book Deathly Hallows part one and two I found fairly good. Yes there were differences, like WHY was it necessary for Harry to jump off a cliff with Voldemort? Movie effect I guess! But apart from stupid bits like that I thoroughly enjoyed it and I didn’t find myself going “WHAT THE F***” like I did in Half Blood Prince. I only wish that Molly Weasley’s duel with Bellatrix Lestrange was longer, it went for so long in the book and was freaking amazing (also the fact that I adore Molly and love Bellatrix simply because she is SO incredibly tapped in the head), but I’m so glad they kept “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!” in the movie! Ahhhh! That made me incredibly happy that they didn’t get rid of that just because it’s a “kids movie” (which quite frankly, it hasn’t been a kids movie since the end of Goblet of Fire).

Whilst I loved Deathly Hallows part one and two as films as well as being one of my favourite books in the series. Another favourite Harry Potter book was Half Blood Prince. But the movie? Yes, it was funny, good as a movie in itself, but considering its part of the Harry Potter world and has parts that are crucial to Deathly Hallows, and also I’m prejudiced to the books cos they’re just THAT amazing as many of you probably know. The movie in relation to the book was terrible. I mean what the f*** was with Ginny and Harry kissing in the Room of Requirement, Harry is meant to go up there to hide the book HIMSELF and he just so happens to put Ravenclaw’s diadem in front of it so he can go back and get the book later, but nooo. Ginny has to hide it. When I first saw this I got so confused – how was Harry going to know where to look for it now? – I’m just glad they fixed that part up in the movie decently.

Dumbledore’s death. Oh. My. God. It’s sad in the movie yes. But tasteful? No. From memory, his death and funeral goes on for about 3 chapters in the book, he actually gets a funeral, at that funeral the merpeople sing underwater in memory of him, the whole school is incredibly upset and Fawkes sings his haunting and beautiful song. Another bone to pick witht he movie is that Harry would NEVER stand there and watch Dumbledore die. In the book, he is under the invisibility cloak and is unable to move as Dumbledore put a spell on him to prevent him moving (cos he planned his death). But Harry just stands there. I’m sorry but no. Harry would not stand there and watch his father figure be ‘murdered’, Harry would have gone off his nutter in front of all the death eaters or would have at least screamed at Dumbledore to move.
Rant over. But this will most likely be updated when I reread the books :)

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