2 November 2014

"What Happened To You?!"

Two years. Two. Freaking. Years. 

Two years ago I hit the lowest point of my depression. Two years ago I felt like I was in a constant state of numbness which I tried so hard to hide. Two years ago, when I wrote this post, I had never felt more alone or helpless. I couldn’t find the motivation or the love in me to write, read, or do much else apart from kind of exist in my own little bubble while I watched the world as I knew it crumble around me.

That is how long it has been since I last wrote a blog post.

Two years later, I no longer feel like I’m struggling to keep my head above the water; I’m not paddling my way through life anymore. Life has not gone the way I planned at all, however I’ve been learning to accept things as they come, to not beat myself up over things and to let things take their course. I’m still at university (it’s taken a little longer than I would’ve liked, but oh well), I’ve been through two different jobs, I organized my very first event in Public Relations (with over 1500 people attending), I found the joy in everyday things and I fell back in love with the world.

I’m coming back to blogging because I feel like I’m ready again, and blogging has been on my mind since I stopped! I’ve been thinking about where I’m going to take this blog when I get started again and I’ve decided a few things: 
- I will post twice a week. One review and one other post. I may post more often some weeks, however I am not putting the pressure on myself to promise to do more than I may be able to handle some weeks
- I will be redesigning and revamping this entire site very soon! I'm hoping to give it a fresh look and feel.
- I will be editing and going over sections like my review policy and may make changes, but I will let you know :) 
I’ve really missed this community and can’t wait to participate and be a part of it again. I’m obviously out of the loop with things like current memes and whether they still even exist (or if there are any new ones that would be fun to take part in) and if there have been any other major changes, so if any of you have any suggestions to help me with blogging again that would be amazing! Also, how are YOU going? I would love to hear from fellow bloggers and would love to make new (more) friends in this community :)

I hope that you will stay tuned for more to come in the near future, either way I'm glad to be back :)


  1. Taneika! I'm so happy you're back and I'm so, SO happy to hear you're feeling so much better. *hugs* I've missed you and it's great to have you back. Funny story: I actually saw you in Perth a few weeks ago. It was somewhere around Shoe Show(?) and you were carrying a bag, and I was like, look it's Taneika!

    I've been away for 4 months and only posted my "return post" a few days ago, so I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. If you need help with a design, there's a book blogger who does great designs and at very affordable prices, if you're interested, called staybookish.net. I haven't used her before, but I've seen her work around :) As for memes, I think most are still going, but a quick search will tell you whether they are or not.

    It's been two years, but I would have waited however long it took you. Can't wait for your posts and for you to re-join us. But remember, no pressure! We blog because we enjoy it, right

    1. P.S. I hope you still remember me otherwise this slightly-mushy comment might be a little creepy. Also, if you want to, let's catch up!

    2. Ahhhhh Rebecca! Of COURSE I remember you! And I'm sorry but I didn't see you in the city :( I would've said hello!
      I'm super happy to be back and I've been trying to figure out exactly *how* to get back into it for the past few weeks and tonight I decided I needed to just write what I was feeling :) but I am so excited, I've missed this so much!

      At the moment, I'm having a browse at other blogs to see designs and work out what kind of theme I'm looking for :)

      YES! We do blog because we enjoy it <3 And you're not creepy :D catching up would be amazing! We will fb message or something and sort something out :)

    3. "You looked like you were on a mission, bag in hand, and I let you walk on, through the swarming crowd." -- if life were a book and called Taneika Sighting in Perth.

      Seriously, are you sure you've missed me? I'm a nut case. See above.

      Yes, let's arrange something. I'd love that :) Oh, and I've had a new design since you've been gone if you want to check it out.

  2. Welcome back Taneika! So glad you have taken the time you needed and of course we are all still here waiting to welcome you back into the fold :)

    I've also been a bit absent but I've found that we are such a great community that when we show up, it feels like we never left at all (although there does seem to be a lot more bloggers than when we started out!).

    I'm hoping to organise a catchup with everyone in the next few weeks once uni is over but if you are on campus at all this week then let me know xx

    1. Thankyou so much Jess :) It's great to be able to come back from being away so long and still feel welcomed!

      I think a lot of us went a bit absent for a little while there, life getting in the way and everything :P it definitely feels like there are more bloggers than when we started! It's great though!

      I will still message you on fb about work :) still haven't found out for sure about my hours but will keep you updated xx

  3. Welcome back to blogger. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I've been in a constant depressive state, and it's gotten hard to find the motivation to do anything productive and to let my readers into my life.
    I, too, am in the middle of trying to write a blog post, but it's just really difficult to get the words out.

    1. Thankyou so much!
      Oh, I'm sad to hear that Jess :( I completely understand the lack of motivation for things, let alone actually letting your readers into your life. Take all the time you need in the world, focus on feeling better and "getting back on track" to a happy state of mind <3


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